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Why Christian Life Coaching?

If you search the internet for a Life Coach you’ll discover there are 548,000,000 results. In other words, there are A LOT of coaches worldwide available to support and partner with clients.


So why would someone choose a Christian Life Coach?


What exactly does a Christian Life Coach bring to the coaching relationship that stands out from all others?


The answer is simple yet powerful – the person of Jesus Christ! He is the ultimate Master Coach!


Not only does a Christian Life Coach draw upon Him for wisdom and guidance, they also exemplify Jesus and His love to their client.



Christian life coaching also brings a Biblical worldview to the coaching experience.


As Christians, we approach life from the Biblical perspective that:

o    God created us in His image

o    God is Omniscient – He knows everything about us

o    God is Omnipotent – all powerful

o    God is Omnipresent – always present

o    God is Truthful – He never lies

o    God is Faithful – He loves us unconditionally


A Christian Life Coach is centered on the biblical belief that God has a specific purpose for all of us and that He guides, equips, and empowers us to fulfill that purpose.


What will a Christian Life Coach do:


●       Help clients see their lives and circumstances from God’s perspective instead of the world’s view.

●       Align their coaching to the Word of God

●       Encourage clients to seek God’s direction and purpose for their lives

●       Invite and reflect the presence of the Holy Spirit in the coaching session, bringing the love, peace and truth of God to the heart of the client


Bringing Christ and a Biblical worldview into the coaching session is powerful and effective in helping your client to move forward and find the life that God has for them.


Contact us today to find out more about becoming a Christian Life Coach at the Center for Christian Coaching.



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