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Our Christian Coaching Paths

Our Christian Coaching Paths & What We Offer at CCC

Whether you're looking to become a Coach or you're already a Coach, our Christian Coaching Paths will provide you with everything you need to help others apply a biblical approach to conquer fears, dispel negative beliefs, and navigate challenges.


At Center for Christian Coaching, we offer two Christian Coaching Paths to choose from. We offer the Center for Christian Coaching Certification Path and the ICF Level 1 Certification Path. In order to complete the ICF Level 1 Certification Path, you will need to register for both our Center for Christian Coaching Certification Path and our Mentor Coaching. We also offer our Mentor Coaching independently to certified coaches pursuing their ACC Credential through the ICF. Additionally, we offer our Cornerstone Coaching Skills to already certified coaches who want to incorporate a Christian worldview into their coaching practice.


Center for Christian Coaching Certification Path
(CCC Certification Path)


Our Center for Christian Coaching Certification Path is a 25-Week Live Online Course. It is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for 78 Coach Specific Educational Hours and designed to provide you with a Certification as a Christian Life Coach (C.C.L.C.) from the Center for Christian Coaching. 

CC Overview

ICF Level 1 Certification Path

This program is designed to meet the ICF Standards for a Level 1 Program. Our ICF Level 1 Certification Path includes our 25-Week Live Online CCC Certification Path, as well as our 10-Hour Mentor Coaching, which meets mentor coaching requirements put forth by the ICF.


Mentor Coaching

Our Christ-Centered Mentor Coaching is designed to provide coaches with the opportunity to strengthen their skills by taking a deeper dive into the ICF Core Competencies and best coaching practices. It is also designed for certified coaches who are pursuing their ACC Credential through the ICF. Our Mentor Coaching is an additional requirement to those interested in pursuing our ICF Level 1 Certification Path.

At Center for Christian Coaching

At CCC we provide all the skills training, resources, and tools necessary to build a thriving coaching practice - all in a Christian training environment. Our "virtual classrooms" are highly interactive, allowing you to experience coaching for yourself as you learn to coach others. Both of our instructors, Bonnie Weiss, PCC and Susan Underwood, ACC, are Christian Coaches credentialed through the International Coach Federation. 


Cornerstone Coaching Skills

Cornerstone Coaching Skills is for already Certified or Credentialed Coaches who are looking to incorporate a Christian worldview into their coaching practice and build upon their current coaching skills. It provides training to help you use coaching skills in your work, ministry, and relationships, and to guide, encourage, and help others seek transformation. Our Cornerstone Coaching Skills is approved by the ICF for 39 CCE hours. Upon completion, students are awarded 39 hours of Coach Specific Training. 

Hear What People Are Saying About Their Experience at CCC

Taking Bonnie's course was a very special season and growing time in my life.  It was one of the best courses I have ever taken because it was based on God's Word, and it was led in the love of Jesus. Not only did it personally strengthen my newfound relationship with my Lord Jesus at the time, but it taught me strong coaching and listening skills and foundational tools to help me guide others in their own walks with Jesus.


Ultimately, it was the people who made my experience so impactful and memorable at Center for Christian Coaching. Bonnie, Susan, Sue, and all my fellow sisters in Christ were filled with the truth and love of Jesus, and that’s what I will always remember from that special season in my life; a gift from God. CCC was a very gentle, patient, encouraging, and professional atmosphere. I felt loved and cared for, and I learned a lot in many ways through Bonnie's knowledge and expertise in coaching and her heart knowledge of God's Word. 


Center for Christian Coaching has been a blessing to not only me but to so many people. CCC is a program that brings glory to God and is a blessing to others, and so fulfilling the very purpose for why the Lord created us! Thank you Bonnie for your school and ministry! What makes your ministry sing is the love and care you show to each and every one of your students and colleagues, by the power of the Holy Spirit working in you and through you. ~ Jenna

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