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About Center for Christian Coaching

What is CCC?

Center for Christian Coaching (CCC) provides training and certification paths for those who are seeking to serve God by serving others as a Certified Christian Life Coach (C.C.L.C). CCC is based on Christian values, biblical principles, and reflects what we learn from Jesus about the coaching process.

Jesus exemplified the skills of coaching through His communication with others. Focusing on this perspective brings enlightenment to the heart and soul for both the coach and the client.

At CCC we provide all the skills training, resources, and tools necessary to build a thriving coaching practice – all in a Christian training environment and based on faith in God and the truth of His Word. You can learn more about what sets us apart from other coaching programs.


Why Choose CCC?

Center for Christian Coaching provides an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited Christ-Centered Life Coach training.


Our Christian Coaching Paths, Mentor Coaching, and Cornerstone Coaching Skills are based on Christian values and biblical principles that will transform lives.


In our training, you will receive personal support and prayer, and you will experience Christian coaching personally.


You will receive individual time with your instructor, as well as customizable forms, worksheets, assessment tools, and coaching methodologies to use in your own practice.




You will experience transformation in your own life.

You will find God’s wisdom and direction for yourself.

You will develop powerful coaching skills from an ICF accredited program.

You will learn how Jesus exemplified coaching skills and how we can follow His example.

You will learn how to listen and communicate deeply and effectively with clients.

You will learn how to help clients explore and integrate their faith in God to resolve life challenges by applying defined Biblical Principles.



Our Dedicated Team at CCC

Bonnie Weiss, PCC
Founder & Director
of CCC

Bonnie Weiss, P.C.C, B.C.C. is the Founder and Director of Center for Christian Coaching. Her background in training and development reflects her passion for helping others succeed in life and career. Combining this with a passion for God and His children worldwide, led to the creation of Center for Christian Coaching.


In 2011, Bonnie discovered the transformational power of Life Coaching and has been coaching ever since.  For the past 10 years, Bonnie has been training and certifying coaches from around the world. As a Christian, she realized that true transformation is only found in the power and love of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


In 2019, Bonnie, led by the Holy Spirit, launched Center for Christian Coaching, a Life Coach Training School centered on the Teachings of Jesus and Principles of God’s Word.  


Bonnie believes that as Christians gather to learn, God works in mighty ways and great things happen. Through the direction of the Holy Spirit, she has created a Life Coach Training Program that allows people of faith to learn in an environment that honors God and fully acknowledges Him for the insight and wisdom of successful coaching.

Susan Underwood
Instructor & Student Support

Susan Underwood, A.C.C., M.Ed., is an instructor at Center for Christian Coaching, a Christian Life Coach, and provides support for prospective, current, and alumni students.


Before coming to Center for Christian Coaching, Susan spent 30 years as an educator, with almost 20 of those years spent as a school principal. She loved the years spent in training, mentoring and coaching students, teachers and families. Once leaving that profession, she sought the Lord’s counsel for a new direction in her life. He directed her to Center for Christian Coaching, where she became certified as a Christian Life Coach.


Susan is thankful for the Lord leading her to CCC and igniting a passion for Christian Coaching. She loves the opportunity to teach future coaches and watch the Lord transform students into Christian Coaches who allow the Holy Spirit to make a difference in the lives of their clients.

Susan is grateful for God’s goodness and loves Christ and coaching and serving students at Center for Christian Coaching.

Sue Shaw
Class Assistant

Susan Shaw, BCC, CLC, CHC, is a Certified Life, and Health and Wellness Coach.  Her background in nursing and education reflects her passion for helping people become their best selves – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  She became a Certified Life Coach in 2012 and has been coaching ever since.  In 2021 she became a Certified Health Coach.


As a Christ follower Sue believes that true, lasting transformation is only obtained through the power and love of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  She incorporates a Christ-centered approach in her coaching by inviting God into the coaching relationship (with the permission of the client) and using tools such as prayer and Scripture.  She believes that it is possible to live a victorious and fulfilling life, even with a chronic illness.


After completing the training program at Center for Christian Coaching in 2019 Sue joined CCC in 2020 as a class assistant.  It is her greatest joy and blessing to work with the students and help them become the Christian Life Coaches God is calling them to be so that they can go out and touch other lives for God’s kingdom!  


Sue believes that it is truly an honor to be a small part of the Kingdom Work that God is doing through Center for Christian Coaching.

Katherine Garibaldi

Katherin Garibaldi copy.jpg

Katherine Garibaldi provides support for Center for Christian Coaching instructors, communicates with prospective and current students, and assists with marketing strategies. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and earned a certificate in Christian Life Coaching in 2021.


She has served in the local church for many years including spiritually mentoring women in recovery programs, facilitating small groups, public speaking, and teaching on discipleship.  She’s passionate about mental, emotional, and spiritual growth!  Prior to Center for Christian Coaching Katherine offered administrative and technical support in a variety of industries.


She genuinely enjoys connecting with people, believing that everyone’s story is unique and significant and that we can learn from each other.  She considers herself a “soul friend.”  Her desire is to remain anchored and surrendered to God, experiencing daily intimacy with Him and peace in life.  She is thankful for every opportunity to work with prospective students and help them discern how and where God is leading them as a believer in Christ.

What they are saying about CCC...

"Bonnie is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Christian Life Coach and Mentor. When Bonnie teaches, you can feel the Holy Spirit leading her. Her greatest strength is being a mentor and teaching us how to be strong leaders with Christian values as Life Coaches. She takes her job seriously because she knows all of her students will be dealing with others' lives. With her experience and knowledge, she gently guides us to be great Life Coaches."

Maureen Crandle, Certified Christian Life Coach

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