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George Washington and Christian Life Coaching

George Washington did NOT have wooden teeth. That’s one of those myths or misconceptions that we’ve grown up thinking was “fact”. We may have even learned this in school, but his teeth were actually made up of ivory, gold and even some lead – but no wood.

It’s easy to start to believe something that we’ve heard and then consider it a fact.

Being a Christian Life Coach also has some myths and misconceptions that people think must be true. Here's a look at some of these misconceptions as we shed light on the truth of what it really means to be a Christian Life Coach.

One common myth is that Christian Life Coaches are only focused on spiritual matters and neglect other aspects of life in the coaching relationship.

However, the truth is that Christian Life Coaches are trained to address all areas of life, including relationships, career, health, and personal growth. We integrate biblical principles with coaching techniques to help individuals achieve success in many different areas of their lives.

Another misconception is that Christian Life Coaches “fix” their clients. Not true! Our Biblical worldview encourages us to have our clients seek the Lord’s direction for moving forward.

We provide guidance and support based on biblical principles, but ultimately, the client is in control of their own decisions and actions. We invite the Holy Spirit into our coaching sessions so that the Lord can speak into the lives of our clients.

Some people also believe that Christian Life Coaches are only for Christians. While it is true that Christian Life Coaches have a Christian worldview, they are open to working with individuals from all faith backgrounds or even those who do not identify with any particular faith. The principles and values they promote can be beneficial to anyone seeking personal growth and transformation.

Being a Christian Life Coach is not limited to spiritual matters, imposing our own fixes, or serving only Christians.

It is a calling that combines coaching techniques with biblical principles to help individuals move forward.

Here at the Center for Christian Coaching, we’d love to help you better understand what it means to be a Christian Life Coach and dispel any misconceptions you may have. Our individualized attention, live weekly virtual sessions, small class sizes, and personal coaching throughout the program, are just a few reasons why going through our program is a life-changing experience.

Contact us today to begin your transformative journey to become a Christian Life Coach.


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