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Preparing the Saints - Part 2

Here at the Center for Christian Coaching, we are excited every day as we live out our calling from the Lord to assist Him in Preparing the Saints.

It’s such a privilege to help equip believers to coach others to step into God’s plan. So many people are stuck in neutral in their lives, desperate for the Lord’s direction, knowing there is more He has for them.

Unfortunately, barriers can keep people from clearly seeing God’s vision for them.  

Christian Coaching, centered on the Good News of Jesus Christ, helps people experience God’s healing and freedom, which allows them to finally move forward.

One of the most beautiful and unique things we witness in our program is when our students experience God’s freedom for their own lives throughout their training.

But wait, aren’t Christians supposed to have it all together? Especially Christians that want to coach others?

The truth is that even people who feel led to become Christian Life Coaches, have areas for which they need God’s healing hand. Living in this fallen world leads to hurt in all kinds of ways. It affects every one of us. Perhaps you have experienced trauma, betrayal, defeat, self-doubt, and have just learned to live with it.

Have you noticed that there are times when we settle, and instead of living in victory, we live in defeat?

We think we have dealt with it, but we haven’t trusted Him, our Mighty Conqueror, to deal with it.

We forget that Christ wants to lead us to triumph in our areas of weakness.

But as our students discover, our curriculum leads them to immerse themselves in His Word, press into the Lord through prayer, and to seek Him fully.

Once they do that, they discover a shift taking place in their own hearts, their own thinking, their own lives.

As our students truly experience God’s freedom, they become even more excited about becoming a Christian Coach.

His freedom from these obstacles is absolutely infectious!

The more they follow Him, surrendering every stronghold, the more the fragrance of his love, grace and peace is spread to those with which they come in contact.

Every interaction we have with others is an opportunity to reflect the Truth we know.

God is good and desires each of us to walk in His freedom, wrapped in His love and covered in His healing. Our training teaches you to trust Him for all of what He offers you.

Your life is a testament to who - or what - you put your trust in.

So, who or what are you trusting in?

Our prayer is that you will surrender, lay down every hurt and fear, and trust in the One who loves you, and experience much more than you believe is possible.

Contact us today to join our next training group in 2024!


"But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere."- 2 Corinthians 2:14 (ESV)


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