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Spring Into Your New Life

Spring is Upon Us! After plenty of snowstorms, ice storms and crazy weather, our time of wintery hibernation has come to an end.

Spring is re-emerging, bringing new growth and new life. The daffodils are beginning to reappear.

It’s time for us to open the windows and let the sunshine in.

What a beautiful picture this brings for us as believers. Because of what Christ has done for us, we have new life, a new beginning, with new opportunities for growth.

What about your opportunity to become a Christian Life Coach? Is it something you have been considering but still haven’t pursued?

What’s holding you back? What are you believing that is keeping you stuck?

We are assaulted by lies every day that stop us in our tracks and keep us from moving forward into God’s purpose for us.

What lies are you listening to?

You aren’t good enough to become a Christian Life Coach, you aren’t smart enough, you aren’t qualified, no one would listen to you, etc.. Any of those sound familiar?

The lies we let play in our minds bring destruction of the vision God has planted in us, they can leave us stuck, they can overwhelm our thoughts, and leave us unable to experience growth.

Isn’t it time to combat those lies and seek God’s truth? His truth leads to peace, assurance, confidence in His plan and we can experience new growth.

Create a conversation with God and share those lies you’ve been believing. Ask Him to fill you with His truth about you.

Choose to believe what He says about you more than the lies!

It’s time for you to open the windows and let the Son shine through you!

When you are ready to move forward, contact the Center for Christian Coaching. We are here to help you walk forward into His plan for you. Registrations are now open for upcoming classes!


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