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I'm Done with the Gotta-Do's!

Every year, I have the best intentions.

I want my focus to be on celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. But it never fails that I end up becoming overwhelmed by all the tasks on my Christmas Gotta-Do list.

By the time Christmas morning arrives, I’m exhausted!

Jesus did it all for me when He came to earth, and He’s the greatest gift I could ever have, but sometimes I can get my priorities messed up and end up too busy to even stop and rejoice in the hope that Jesus brings.

I began to think of how as a Christian Life Coach, I often encourage people to re-examine their gotta-do lists and not to be afraid to make changes that will bring growth.

I decided I needed to take my own counsel and examine my gotta-do list. Once I did, I knew I needed to make some changes to my list.

It’s amazing how just making a few small changes can make such a difference in my life.

Instead of worrying about buying, why not focus more on being? Instead of getting stressed over wrapping all these presents, why not spend more time wrapping a loved one or a friend in a hug? Instead of piling everyone in the car to rush around and see the lights, why not change our focus to the Light of the World?

These are the things that matter.

These are the things that make Christmas so special.

What distractions are keeping you from staying focused on Jesus throughout this season?

What changes might you need to make to your Gotta-Do List?

As you revise your gotta-do’s for the new year ahead, perhaps you will realize that you are being called to become a Christian Life Coach. Contact us today to make that happen.


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