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3 Steps to Go from Grouchy to Grateful

You wasted an entire afternoon waiting for the repairman who never showed up. After holding forever on the phone to talk to your doctor's office you get disconnected. There is a 2% chance of snow and the grocery store is already out of bread and toilet paper.

Gratefulness Thieves

When things outside of our control don't go the way we want, we can begin to feel irritable, grouchy and annoyed.

Those feelings can rob us from being productive and being ready to serve our clients well. As a Christian Life Coach, we want the Lord to use our head, heart and allow His Spirit to reign when working with our clients. But real problems interfere and can throw our day off.

What to do?

3 Quick Ways to turn your Grouchiness into Gratefulness -

  1. Practice Gratefulness Daily - Start a daily habit of thanking the Lord first for those things for which you are most grateful. Before you jump into listing all of the things you need the Lord's help with, verbally thank Him for at least 3 people or situations.

  2. 30-Second Reset - While sitting at the annoyingly long red light, name 5 somethings you're grateful for by using each of the 5 fingers you have on one hand.

  3. Simplified Journal - Keep a small notepad by your bedside, and jot down 3 things from that day for which you are grateful. Keep it simple and quick.

Doing these 3 things will help keep gratefulness as your focus each day and leave grumpiness in the dust.


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