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Alumni Spotlight: Melanie Parsons

We are excited to introduce you to Melanie Parsons, a recent Center for Christian Coaching graduate, who has now taken the reins as our Social Media Manager.

We had fun chatting with Melanie and hope it helps you get to know her a bit.

When did you become certified through the Center for Christian Coaching? I completed my training in August 2021 and became certified this past October.

How are you using your coaching skills? I am currently working at a Christian rehabilitation facility for women. The coaching skills I gained in the program are being utilized every day. I absolutely love my job and praise God for this opportunity.

What were some takeaways from the training? A few of the top takeaways from the class for me have been the importance of letting your client empty out, asking powerful questions and allowing for moments of silence so the client can process and have Divine aha moments (these have become my favorite).

Listening prayer is definitely a tool I use in each session, always inviting the Holy Spirit to lead and guide every conversation.

Do you think social media can be helpful for Christian Life Coaches? Social media can be a very helpful tool in your Christian Life Coaching business. I highly recommend this in order to reach new clients as well as to create an encouraging community for current clients. What are 2 tips you can share regarding Social Media?

1. Do not compare yourself to others. It can be helpful to see what ideas are out there, but God has a unique design for your business that will not look exactly like others.

2. Connect with 2 or 3 other business owners who are using social media as a platform. Meet regularly for encouragement, brainstorming and accountability. God will use this time to bless each of you richly.


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