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Three Business Tools We Recommend

We love nothing more than see our students and alumni succeed as they begin to build their professional coaching practices so it's no wonder we wanted to share these tools with you. We are leaning on our marketing and business building expert Mindy Stallings for some advice on tools our students need to know about...

Take it away, Mindy!

Hey there coaches,

I'm so excited to write this up for you. I love nothing more than watching people build their dream. As a certified coach, I've worked with hundreds of new coaches and helped many build their dream from scratch. I want to share a couple of tools that I feel like every new coach should know about. These are some of my favorites as well as my clients favorites.


#1 Imagine this a free tool for you to design anything you can imagine social media post, posters, website images business cards, presentations, logos.. you name it. And for free. You don't need to be a trained designer to make quick and easy/beautiful/professional pieces that spotlight your business.

We recommend pairing this with a quick youtube search for awesome and easy how to videos on using Canva. It's pretty simple and think of the $$$ you'll save by creating your own pieces. This is a perk when you are new business when cash is limited for marketing your business.


#2 Templates designed to convert: To get you started, Flodesk has a library of gorgeous templates to help you welcome, nurture, and convert subscribers into customers. Built in partnership with other successful entrepreneurs, each template is designed to help you up your email game. Oh, and customizing them is simple. A few clicks and the templates transform to match your brand’s unique look and feel.

Bonus: Flodesk has a new Help section packed with helpful videos to get you off and running so you can build your email list and communicate like a pro with your people.

Pssst. Here's my affiliate link that get's you 50% off .. read $19 for a super professional email platform. That's a win.

#3 Acuity Scheduling now acquired by Squarespace is my hands down absolute favorite appointment scheduler and I've used them all. You can connect your account with Zoom so that your clients get a zoom link when they sign up for an appointment, which is my favorite. You can also connect your payment processor like PayPal, Square or Stripe to take payment when you sell a package or session. The platform is easy to use and helps you stay organized and paid for your work. Integrate the scheduler into your website with a quick copy paste and give your clients a smooth professional experience.

I hope these platforms can help you simplify and take your business to the next level, I know they can! Wishing you nothing but the absolute best as you embark on growing your business. - Mindy


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