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From Cabbage Patch to Coaching

A friend was going through some boxes in her attic and came across an old Cabbage Patch Kid doll that had once belonged to her daughter. Anyone remember those dolls?

In 1983, a toy company called Coleco introduced the doll and they sold like hotcakes. There was something unique that made them popular. No two dolls were said to be alike, and each came with their own birth certificate and adoption papers. It was THE gift every kid wanted that year for Christmas.

Unfortunately, Coleco had no idea they would become the big rage, and there were shortages nationwide. People camped out at stores overnight, hoping they would have a chance to purchase one of the dolls. Sadly, thousands of disappointed parents left empty-handed.

But now this once highly-sought-after gift, sat neglected and unused in an old cardboard box. The doll had gone out of fashion and out of style.

But as Christ-followers, we are given gifts that never grow out of style. You’ll never walk away disappointed and empty-handed when it comes to these gifts. I’m referring to spiritual gifts that God grants us.

If you’ve been feeling called to become a Christian Life Coach, it is important to understand that God has uniquely gifted you.

He has hand-picked the gifts given to you to equip you in that calling.

Are you really good at offering encouragement, comfort, and support to help someone be all that God wants them to be? That’s the gift of exhortation on display, which is a wonderful gift to have as a Christian Life Coach.

Is a strength of yours feeling great sensitivity for those who are suffering? Do you love offering compassion and encouragement, and do you have a love for giving practical help to someone in need? That’s the gift of mercy on display and another wonderful gift to have as a Christian Life Coach.

Do you love nurturing and guiding others toward ongoing spiritual maturity? Are you supportive and relational? That’s the gift of shepherding on display and a great gift to have as a Christian Life Coach.

Have you unwrapped your spiritual gifts and discovered that you have been given one or more of those?

Take another look at that package you’re unwrapping; the one God chose just for you. It’s a gift that will bring completeness and purpose to your life.

With Christ-centered training, you can learn to use the contents of that package more effectively.

Contact us today to fulfill the call to become a Christian Life Coach and put those gifts to their intended use.


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