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Are You Stuck in Neutral?

Remember your first car? I sure do, because my 1980 Ford Fairmont spent more time in the shop than in my parents’ driveway. It had the same recurring problem – it kept getting stuck in neutral.

It was so frustrating when I wanted to go someplace because time after time I sat in the driveway, waiting for the car to decide to get out of neutral and kick into drive. I would keep pressing the accelerator, and even though it sounded like I was moving forward, I went nowhere.

No matter how much I wanted to get to my destination, nothing happened. If – and that’s a BIG if - it finally kicked into drive, I was off and with a big smile of relief, I refused to look back.

How many people are just like my old Fairmont, stuck in neutral? We keep thinking about moving forward, but as long as thinking about it is all we do, we go nowhere.

You know that becoming a Christian Life Coach is God’s next step for you, in fact you’ve known it for a while. But instead of moving forward, you just sit in the driveway stuck in neutral. You don’t move and your dreams don’t happen.

What keeps you stuck in neutral?

When you let fear hold you back. When you let the opinions of others hold you back. When you let your wrong way of thinking hold you back. It’s time for you to shift into the life that you desire and deserve. You can't afford to let another second go by where you are not moving forward. God has placed a dream in your heart. He has been preparing you for this life of being a Christian Life Coach. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get moving forward and refuse to look back.


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