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 Becoming a Christian Coach Webinar

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Become a Christian Coach

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Mrs. Paula Womack

Ordained Minister, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

"Bonnie, God bless you!! You are a precious gem and a beautiful gift before the Lord. Truly it has been my delight to have met you at this time in my LIFE!
Mere words could never express my gratitude to you for your kindness, love and care! It has been an honor to have been taught, encouraged, inspired and mentored by you!!"

Sharon Shaw, Inner Quest Life and Career Coach

"If you are looking for a coach training program, I would highly recommend this program. The instructor, Bonnie Weiss is an outstanding coach and teacher, truly a great role model for students. Not only is she highly skilled, but also wonderfully supportive, compassionate and intuitive. And The Alumni program allows you to continue improving and fine tuning your
coaching skills, and building your business, with on-going support and resources available to you for life!"

Sharon Shaw, Inner Quest Life and Career Coach

Bonnie is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Christian Life Coach and Mentor. When Bonnie teaches, you can feel the Holy Spirit leading her. Her greatest strength is being a mentor and teaching us how to be strong leaders with Christian values as Life Coaches. She takes her job seriously because she knows all of her students will be dealing with others lives. With her experience and knowledge she gently guides us to be great Life Coaches.

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