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Online coaching certification courses that allow 

Christians to learn in an environment 

that honors God

The Center for Christian Coaching provides
Christ Centered Coach Training
based on Biblical Principles.

Has God called you to serve Him by supporting, encouraging and inspiring others?

  • Searching for a Life Coach Training Program based on Biblical Principles and Christian Faith?

  • Interested in becoming a Christian Coach or taking your coaching practice to a spiritual level?

  • Do you want to support individuals or groups to explore and enhance their relationship with God, rely on faith more fully and integrate Christian principles into their everyday lives?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, Christian Coaching is the path for you.

What is a Christian Life Coach?

Coaching is about working from the “inside-out” to help people move forward in their lives. Coaches use powerful questions and tools to help their clients gain clarity and find their own answers.  We create a space for vulnerability and structure that helps people to feel held accountable to go out and create the future that they are being called to fulfill.

Christian Coaching is the art and practice of enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where God wants them to be.

Gary R. Collins,PhD. author of "Christian Coaching."

The Christian Coach helps others to unlock the power of God in their lives,

overcome barriers and find God's plan for their lives..

At CCC we provide all the skills training, resources and tools necessary to build a thriving coaching practice

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Learn the skills

You’ll learn how to help your clients identify where they currently are and where God wants them to be. You will partner with them to integrate their faith into every conflict, barrier and trial.

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Become Certified

Earn your coaching certification in 6 months with our comprehensive ICF certified training. You’ll learn all the skills you need to become a powerful coach.

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Online Classroom

Our “virtual classrooms” are highly interactive allowing you to experience Christian coaching for yourself as you learn to coach others.

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Set Up for Success

CCC provides lifelong support as well as extensive support with business development and personal marketing strategy. 

Follow your desire within to serve God and change the lives of others

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Free E-book on Christian Coaching

What They Are Saying...

"I completed Christian Life Coaching with Bonnie Weiss in March 2019. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the curriculum or the spiritual side of the class. My hope was that it would not be just “spiritual” but Christ & Bible based. This class exceeded my expectations!

Bonnie did a beautiful job of incorporating our belief in Christ & the truth of God’s Word & the leading of the Holy Spirit. There were 8 students in the class from all different walks of life & she handled each one of us with so much grace. You could feel the love, sincerity

& grace of the Lord from her as she facilitated our sessions.

She was very intentional in making sure we understood the material & offered her time to us whenever needed. She was very professional & taught with great knowledge of the material. I can only hope to become the kind of Christian Life Coach that Bonnie is!"

-Judy Sprinkle, Certified Christian Life Coach 

"Bonnie, God bless you!! You are a precious gem and a beautiful gift before the Lord. Truly it has been my delight to have met you at this time in my LIFE!
Mere words could never express my gratitude to you for your kindness, love and care! It has been an honor to have been taught, encouraged, inspired and mentored by you!!"

-Mrs. Paula Womack

BTh, MCA"For Her Worth Far Above Rubies" Connecting Women of Worth to Power!

"If you are looking for a coach training program, I would highly recommend this program. The instructor, Bonnie Weiss is an outstanding coach and teacher, truly a great role model for students. Not only is she highly skilled, but also wonderfully supportive, compassionate and intuitive. And The Alumni program allows you to continue improving and fine tuning your
coaching skills, and building your business, with on-going support and resources available to you for life!"

-Sharon Shaw, Inner Quest

Life and Career Coach Training

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