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Being A Messenger of His Good News

As a Christian Life Coach, you have been called to be a messenger of Good News. But there are times when you struggle to see the good in what's happening around you - your own family issues, health issues, financial issues, division and strife all around you - it's all pressing in on you and leaving you discouraged.

Remind Yourself

Don't forget that God is doing a good work.

But sometimes the enemy's lies are so loud, you have to stop and remind yourself of His Truth.

Being a Christian Life Coach is a beautiful calling.

Trust in what you can't see today: God at work.

Fully Receive

Ask for eyes to see and ears to hear the message of goodness that God has brought into the world through Jesus Christ.

Fully receive the gift of His love.

Let His truth wash over your weary soul.

Then you will be ready to share the hope you've found with you client.


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