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5 Reasons You Need a Christian Life Coach

Have you wondered what’s so valuable about working with a Christian Life Coach?

Here are 5 key reasons why you need a Christian Life Coach.

1. To Seek God’s Direction for Your Life or Ministry

A traditional Life Coach will encourage you to seek answers within yourself, but those answers could be the exact reason why you haven’t moved forward in years.

A Christ-centered coach helps keep you grounded in God’s Word and in your Christian faith. Seeking God’s direction allows you to find answers from the One who created you and knows everything about you.

2. Gain Clarity and Focus

Have you noticed that our culture is more distracted now than ever? Whether it’s checking facebook or tik tok or other social media, that constant need to check our smartphone or tablet can derail our agenda for the day. It leaves us feeling frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed.

A Christian Life Coach can help you reconnect with your Core Values and God’s vision for your life, which enables you to clarify your dreams and goals. Your Christian Life Coach will then encourage you to take action to accomplish more than you ever imagined doing on your own.

3. To Receive Honest Feedback

In a great coaching relationship, you want to feel safe so you can share your dreams and fears without feeling judged. Just like how Jesus built trust with His disciples so they felt at ease to be themselves, you want to know that it’s safe to be authentic and open with your coach. That honesty is how the Holy Spirit leads your coach to help you get unstuck.

Your coach wants to see you move forward into God’s vision for you. For that to happen, it requires helpful feedback which allows you to look at areas that may be keeping you stuck. Seeking His Truth from His Word and prayer can begin to remove those blocks.

4. To Be Held Accountable

Did you know that only 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them on their own? Think about that - 92% of people fail – some within the first week.

Having a Christian Life Coach provides accountability at every session, which leads to you being more likely to achieve your goal. In fact, did you know that by having a Christian Life Coach working with you on your goals makes you 95% more likely to achieve your goal? Wow, sign me up today!

5. Learn How to Move Forward for a Lifetime

A Christian Life Coach will provide you with tools that will help you through a specific season of life, overcoming barriers, seeking His freedom and direction, and achieving goals.

The growth that the Lord brings can provide a pathway for life, enabling you to continue moving forward. You will learn more about yourself, about the Lord’s vision for you, about finding freedom from barriers. These are tools that you can use for years to come as the Holy Spirit guides.

God’s desire is for you to keep moving forward to become the person He designed you to be and to inspire others to do the same.

Contact us today at the Center for Christian Coaching to begin your path as a Certified Christian Life Coach.


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