Workshop Academy

With Certified Coach Lora Haines

Ready to design and deliver workshops that will help get the world excited about your products and services?

OBJECTIVE: Interested in using workshops to help promote and grow your business but not sure where to start? If so, this is THE course for you. This exciting and informative series will uncover the 3 elements needed to deliver an effective workshop that stands out from the rest:  Strategy,  Design and Presentation Skills (virtually or in-person). 


This course includes 3 lessons that will be full of best practices, tips and activities to start applying the skills immediately.  If you follow the prompts in between workshops at the end of this experience you WILL have a 90 minute completed workshop that can be shared in a 20 minute teaser, 60 minute workshop or 90 minute experience- all in 4 weeks! In addition to 3 interactive workshops, the course also includes a 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with the instructor, Lora Haines, a world-class workshop designer, facilitator and presentation coach. 


Class size is limited to 12 participants- reserve your spot ASAP! 

Class Dates:

  • Monday, August 23: 8 PM eastern time 

  • Monday, August 30: 8 PM eastern time 


  • Monday, September 13: 8 PM eastern time

  • Individual Coaching Sessions- can be used anytime before December, 2021  


Cost: $395 


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Meet your CFCC Workshop Academy instructor:


This workshop will be taught by Lora Haines, a professional workshop facilitator and designer who has spent over 10 years in the professional training industry perfecting what makes a workshop memorable. Lora's career has taken her all over the world designing and delivering engaging workshops to some of the most iconic brands and corporations in the world (Walt Disney World, Microsoft, Subaru etc). As a certified coach and workshop and design consultant, she is passionate about sharing her workshop expertise to coaches, entrepreneurs and small businesses (aka YOU) to build workshops that will help get the world excited about your products and services.


Lora is a certified coach, personal friend of Bonnie Weiss and helped develop the CCC training materials and curriculum.