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Who's Holding You Accountable?

Did you know that 92% of people who set goals and pursue them on their own, don’t achieve them?

Can you imagine how discouraging that is to be part of that 92%?

This explains why accountability is such an important part of the coaching relationship.

We’ve all been there. We set a goal that is important to us and get excited about achieving it, but unfortunately, we get sidetracked by life’s distractions.

Maybe we get a new job and can’t carve out time to work on our goal.

Or we are busy raising kids and feel like we don’t have a spare minute to work on it. Perhaps we stay busy with ministry responsibilities, or helping elderly parents or remodeling our house or, or, or…

Whatever the reason is, we just can’t seem to get going on what seemed so important just a couple of weeks ago.

Once again, we put off our goal until next Monday, or next month or next year. The problem is that day never comes.

It’s clear why one of the most common reasons people search for a life coach is to provide accountability. “If I just had help to get going on this goal,” or “If only there was someone who would keep me on track.”

People want and need help. They want and need accountability.

As a Christian Life Coach, we take it one more step – and provide biblical accountability. We help our clients focus on seeking and pursuing God’s vision for their lives by providing regular feedback, support, and strategies.

Some of the benefits and importance of accountability in coaching are:

  • It helps clients clarify their vision, values, and purpose, and align them with God’s design for their lives.

  • It helps clients set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals. (SMART goals)

  • It helps clients overcome procrastination, a limiting mindset, the fear of failure, and other obstacles and barriers that may hinder their success.

  • It helps clients track their progress and forward movement.

  • It helps clients develop God-honoring positive habits, routines, and behaviors that support their growth and development

  • It helps clients stay motivated, focused, and committed to their goals, even when faced with challenges or distractions.

  • It helps clients build trust, rapport, and confidence with their coach.

  • It helps clients create a God-honoring lifestyle of accountability in their personal and professional lives.

Biblical accountability provides a safe space for our client to share without the fear of blaming or judgement. It allows us to encourage and build them up in Christ.

There is power in biblical accountability, and it brings an impact on our own spiritual walk and lifelong legacy, as well as our client’s.

Are you ready to help a client build a legacy full of vision, Godly values and the pursuit of God’s purpose? Contact us today to begin your Christian Coaching journey.


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