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Where Are You Anchored?

In 2020, the US Census Bureau discovered that 49% of people are struggling with feelings of hopelessness. A year later, as we survey the damage from COVID, it’s highly likely that number may have increased.

The COVID pandemic has taken a toll. The isolation, the fear, job losses, and possibly the loss of a family member have left many people feeling they are drifting along wherever the tide takes them. People feel they have no control over what is happening in their lives.

They are reeling from the storm without hope.

They need an Anchor. They need Stability. They need Hope. They need Jesus.

Hebrews 6:19a “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

Where do we find this hope, this anchor? In Jesus Christ alone.

As a Christian Life Coach, it is such a privilege to be able to help someone find their hope again, to be able to pursue their goals again, to lift their confidence again, or overcome obstacles again.

That can only happen when we ourselves are anchored and grounded in Christ; personally experiencing the hope, stability and security of knowing Jesus - no matter what storm is raging around us.

His hope then flows through us and into the lives of others through our gifts, encouragement, inspiration and support.

What God has called us to do as a Christian Life Coach is bigger than us. We can’t do it without being anchored in Him.

God wants to use you to bring hope to this hurting world. Let’s get going!


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