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What Sets Christian Life Coaching Apart?

One of the beautiful things about Life Coaching is the abundance of options.

You have the opportunity to match your calling with an area of specialty in your Life Coaching career. Many Life Coaches discover they are passionate about a particular facet of coaching.

Do you enjoy helping others realize their career aspirations? If so, you might consider a Career Coaching focus.

Or perhaps, you have a talent for money management and financial planning. In that case, you might find fulfillment through Financial Coaching.

In addition to Career Coaching and Financial Coaching, there are many other focus areas for Life Coaches, including:

· Health and Wellness Coaching to help clients improve their health.

· Business Coaching to help clients navigate starting and maintaining a small business.

· Relationship Coaching to help clients learn essential skills for healthy relationships.

· Life Transition Coaching helps clients through major life transitions such as becoming parents or “empty-nesters,” recovering from a difficult loss, or retiring.

· Leadership Coaching to help clients in leadership to lead their teams better and improve their leadership style.

These examples are just a small sample of areas you can specialize in if you choose to when you’re a Life Coach.

But did you know that Christian Life Coaches can develop any of these areas of expertise under the umbrella of Christian Life Coaching?

You get to holistically coach your clients in any area from Jesus’ firm foundation!

What sets Christian Life Coaching apart from coaching clients while disconnected from Christ?

Christian Life Coaches function from the understanding that God desires to be actively involved in our lives. They also seek to represent Christ’s authentic love with His truth, values, and Kingdom perspective.

Let’s look at how this difference sets Christian Life Coaching apart for our clients.

Life Coaches assist clients with identifying core values, goal-setting, identifying barriers preventing them from reaching their goals, and overcoming those identified barriers.

Similarly, Christian Life Coaches also help clients in these areas, but with one crucial difference.

Knowing God wants an intimate relationship with us, He is invited into each coaching session!

The ways this knowledge manifests in a Christian Life Coaching session include:

· Asking for the Holy Spirit’s presence and guidance through prayer.

· Encouraging the client to consider their goals through a Biblical lens.

· Asking the client clarifying questions about their faith.

· Incorporating Biblical truths and the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and revelations to guide.

· Assisting the client to be rooted and grounded in Christ, His love, and their identity in Him.

Christian Life Coaches know that we are so much more than bodies with minds. God created us in His image, so we invite Him into every facet of the coaching process!

Is Christian Life Coaching for You?

If you love to see people transformed into the image of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, reach out to us at the Center for Christian Coaching to learn more about how to become a Christian Life Coach.

You can even sign up for our no-cost webinar, “Intro to Christian Coaching,” happening every Monday. We look forward to hearing from you!


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