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Powerful Questions for New Clients

Asking powerful questions is one of the best tools a Christian Life Coach can use. When working with a new client, your job as a coach is to begin to put the puzzle pieces together that reveal a clear picture of your client

Let's face it - nobody knows more about your client than your client! Your client is the expert on their feelings, their family, their faith, their work and their goals. Like any good puzzle solver, you examine each piece of who your client is.

Every person is a wonderful creation knit together by God, so make sure you are pressing into His Spirit for clarity and discernment.

Not only will you learn more about your client using powerful questions, but by having them share about themselves, you also are creating a bond as they feel valued and heard.

Here are a few powerful questions that will help Christian Life Coaches begin to assemble the puzzle that reveals who you client is and what they want to achieve.

  • "Who has helped you become the person you are today? Who has really influenced your life and how?"

  • "What's the best thing about your life right now?"

  • "What role does God play in your life?" How often do you read your Bible or pray?"

  • "Who lives in your inner circle? Who are those key people who have the most influence on you and in you?"

  • "Imagine you've just had an ideal week. What 3 things did you complete?"

  • "What is the scariest part of working with a coach?"

  • "What specific goals would you like to meet by working with a coach?"

  • "What have you already done/tried/accomplished toward your goals?"

  • "What would be the most helpful thing for you to take away from this session?"

Finally, don't forget that powerful question of asking the Lord to reveal more of who your client is.

Using these powerful questions, along with the Lord's guidance, will give you a more complete picture of your client.


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