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Headed in the Right Direction?

On a recent hike, I was reminded how important it was to have a compass. I got turned around and really wasn’t sure which way to go. I realized I was literally going in circles. After a few hours of this, I was really concerned.

I didn’t want to let anything stand in the way of finding my way back to my car.

I had wasted too much time already trying to find my way.

Then I finally remembered I had stuck my compass in my backpack. I pulled it out and then headed in the right direction.

What if you decided today that you are not going to let anything stand between you and your purpose as a Christian Life Coach? What could happen? Could you possibly position yourself to live a happier and more fulfilled life? Do you think you could have a greater impact on the people around you?

Could you fulfill some dreams that you have deep inside of your soul?

Could you have an opportunity to share your testimony and voice in a way greater than you have ever imagined?

There can be so many opportunities just waiting ahead once you change your course and pursue your calling as a Christian Life Coach.

But if you don't move forward you may never know.

If you feel called to be a Christian Life Coach, why haven’t you started moving in the right direction?

How much time have you already wasted going in circles with unfulfilling careers?

Allow the Lord to be your compass by praying, reading His Word, and talking to people whose counsel you trust.

Get headed in the right direction!


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