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Alumni Spotlight : Jen Stone-Sexton

We were so excited to chat with recent graduate Jen Stone-Sexton about her experience with CFCC and learn a little bit more about the work she is now doing as a Certified Christian Coach.

When were you certified with the Center for Christian Coaching? January 30, 2021

How has your life changed as a result of what you learned with CCC? As a result of CCC and what I learned I feel I am living the purpose for my life! Christian Life Coaching was a big step of faith in moving in the direction of the work and ministry The Lord has called me to. That step of obedience has led to open doors for the next step and the next. I also drew closer to Jesus as a result of what I learned in class and through peer coaching. It's hard to coach from a place you have not first experienced yourself, so going through the process we take our clients through brought healing, growth, clarity, and insight. A third way my life has changed as a result of CCC, are the relationships with peers. I am grateful that those friendships continue to grow and that we can also support and encourage one another through our mastermind group.

Are you actively coaching clients? Did you feel prepared?

Yes, I am. I launched Freedom to Flourish Life Coaching February 1, 2021 and have been actively coaching since opening. Yes, I felt as prepared as possible. I felt prepared not only from the training with CCC, but also because I took advantage of the resources and other training provided through CCC to start coaching and to set up and run a business. At some point, it's a choice to take courage, trust, and just do it.

What is the best thing you walked away with from CCC? In addition to the relationships built and training provided, I walked away with a foundation to build a new career on and launch into the ministry The Lord has called me to.

Advice for current students? Trust The Lord to lead and guide you to what He has called you to. We don't have to figure it all out, we just need to be obedient in the next step. (Proverbs 3:5-6) Attend all the classes - that makes such a difference! Complete the work and the requirements. Six to twelve months will pass whether you do this or not, so why not finish strong? I highly recommend looking into all the resources and additional training provided through CCC as well as the coaching tools available to us. Most importantly, know that The Lord has a purpose that only you can fulfill. (Eph. 2:10) There is no greater joy or adventure in life than walking with The Lord!

Want to learn more about working with Jen?

Stop by her website here.


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