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Course Details

Course Content & Monthly Schedule for Center for Christian Coaching Certification Path and Level 1 Path


Month 1

  • Christ-Centered Coaching: Preparing to Coach

  • How to Anchor your Heart and Mind on Christ

  • Developing Insight

  • Listening to God

  • The Coaching Model

  • Establishing the Coaching Relationship

  • Establishing Clear Coaching Agreements

Month 2

  • Cornerstone Coaching Skills

  • Getting Rid of Judgement

  • Standing on Holy Ground

  • Active Listening

  • Asking Powerful Questions

  • Direct Communication

  • Raising Self Awareness

  • Breaking Down Barriers

  • Accountability

Month 3

  • Getting Started with The Client

  • The Pre-Coaching Session

  • Assessments

  • Practicing the Discovery Session

  • Applying The Coaching Model


Month 4

  • Christ-Centered Vision

  • Creating the Vision – God’s Way

  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals that align with God’s Vision

  • Live the Dream

  • Moving Into Action

Month 5

  • The Coaching Session

  • W.A.R.M.

  • Facilitating Learning and Results

  • Coaching Practice

  • Identifying Barriers and Obstacles

  • Biblically-Based Ways to Overcome Barriers and Obstacles

Month 6

  • Victory in Jesus

  • Steps to Building a Thriving Coaching Practice

  • Continued Coaching Practice

  • Marketing 101:  Filling Your Practice!

  • Final Recorded Coaching Session for Certification

  • Final Online Exam

What to Expect:

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Classes will be held once a week in 2-hour classes and will run for 25 weeks. This program will be presented in an online format using ZOOM.

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Each week students will be given a reading assignment with a work book to complete prior to the class meeting.

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You will receive all the tools necessary to become a successful coach. Everything from coaching to building your business will be covered in our course.

Weekly Online Class


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Personal Growth

While you are learning how to help others, you’ll be learning how you can apply these same teachings to your own life

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At the end of our program, you will be a Certified Christian Life Coach.

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Coaching Experience

Within our program, you’ll be required to practice coaching a set amount of hours. This will help you feel confident in using your new skills with your clients.

What We Teach at CCC:

  • How to keep Christ at the center of your coaching business

  • The eight Cornerstone Coaching Skills

  • The ICF Core Competencies and Ethical Standards

  • How to use coaching assessments, tools, handouts and resources

  • The difference between coaching, ministry, counseling and ministry

  • How to help your client hear God's voice

  • How to cultivate trust and safety with clients

  • How coaching from a Christian perspective can provide healing and release from fear, limiting mindsets and other barriers

  • The Christ-Centered Coaching Model

  • The value of creating a Christ-Centered vision and S.M.A.R.T. goals

  • And so much more...


You'll Also Learn the Business of Coaching:

We provide our students with a video series on business building & marketing strategies, taught by Business Coach, Mindy Stallings.

You Will Learn:

  • The steps to set up and establish your coaching practice

  • How to set up your office...what you need to have

  • Awareness of certain financial and legal considerations

  • How to create a client agreement

  •  And much more....

What We Help You Achieve:

Once you have successfully completed our training program, you will be a Certified Christian Life Coach (C.C.L.C.) You’ll be able to help clients make progress with all areas of their life. Our program is taught in a Christian environment, and we will prepare you to work with clients from every walk of life.

Center for Christian Coaching offers a Christian Coach Certification that is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for 78 hours of Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). This means you can earn your Christian Life Coach Certification as well as build specific coach training hours for ICF credentialing. Please note: Completing our Mentor Coaching Course does not automatically qualify you for the ICF ACC Credential. The ICF has additional requirements that you can read about here.


At CCC we provide all the skills training, resources, and tools necessary to build a thriving coaching practice - all in a Christian training environment. Our “virtual classrooms” are highly interactive, allowing you to experience coaching for yourself as you learn to coach others. Both of our instructors, Bonnie Weiss and Susan Underwood, are Christian Coaches credentialed through the International Coach Federation.


”I have just completed the Christian Coaching Course with Bonnie Weiss. It was an amazing 17 weeks with a wonderful group of women from East Coast to West Coast and in-between! Bonnie skillfully led us through life coaching skills, keeping in mind the presence and work of the Holy Spirit within us.


The course perspective was a reminder that God’s Holy wisdom is available to us through every challenge, transition or problem we face in life. Bonnie wove that Christian integration into teaching life coaching and spiritual coaching tools. I thoroughly enjoyed the course work and instruction, and I hope that I can emulate Bonnie’s gentle style when I begin my work as a Christian Life Coach".

~ Cindy Peaslee

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