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After Certification

I remember when I completed my Life Coach Training Certification. I had learned so many awesome skills and processes and I was so excited to get started coaching!

But then…

  • I started to feel overwhelmed.

  • I did not feel confident enough to move forward.

  • I started thinking about starting my business and all the steps needed to move forward with that.

I wished there had been someone to help me pull it all together!

Someone who could…

  • Help me transition from student to coach

  • Help me perfect my coaching skills

  • Offer support and guide me through the next steps.

That is why I have developed Pathways for Life Student Support Programs designed to…

  • Deepen your coaching presence and develop stronger coaching skills

  • Support you in your professional development and coaching mastery

Pathways for Life Programs have been designed to offer continuing support and mentoring to Life or Spiritual Coaches.

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